Final expense insurance - At the Final Expense Store, our mission is to provide you with a Final Expense Policy that not only meets your needs, but with the lowest possible premium.

Final expense insurance, also called burial insurance or funeral insurance, is perhaps the most important insurance you can own to protect your family from uneccessary financial burden. Most people refer to this as burial insurance, but it's not just for burial (you may not even choose to be buried) - it's for all your final expenses.

Starting at age 45 all the way up to 89, you can apply for final expense insurance with a simple application - no health exam!    Request an instant final expense quote

Why should you purchase final expense insurance?

  • Affordable and Valuable The difference between final expense coverage and traditional life insurance is that there is a huge difference in the costs. Final expense policies generally have much lower face values than traditional life insurance, but provide critical coverage for your entire lifetime for funeral expenses and burial costs (which is why it's often called funeral insurance or burial insurance). It also allows your loved ones the ability to pay any remaining expenses or outstanding debts.
  • Full Control Unlike a pre-need insurance, the benefit amount goes to your beneficiary, not a funeral home. Your family has full control over what to do with the benefit.
  • Benefit Never Goes Down During your policy coverage period, the full benefit will always remain the same.
  • Premium Never Goes Up Premiums will never increase. The earlier you plan, the more affordable the coverage.
  • Guaranteed Non-Cancellable Once issued, your burial insurance policy can not be cancelled for any reason including health or change in occupation.
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The benefits of final expense insurance

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